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  • Submit your website to the most relevant category.
  • Submitted sites can be in any language but Titles and Descriptions should be in English.
  • We reserve the right to add, modify, re-classify, move or delete any listing without notice.
  • Do not submit websites with adult, warez, racism and pornographic content including links or banners.
  • We do not accept websites that contain illegal content including: child pornography, libel, copyright infringement or material that is inclusive of illegal activities.
  • Use correct capitalization. The first letter of each sentence in descriptions and proper nouns should be capitalized. Entries with all letters CAPITALIZED or submitted without using capital letters will be rejected.
  • Top level submissions are NOT accepted for regular listings. Regular listings submitted to root categories will be automatically placed into the most appropriate sub-category.
  • Do not submit websites with links to affiliate programs, ads or sites designed exclusively for affiliate links.
  • Do not submit a website with broken links.